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Why Choose Community Broadband Networks?



Giving back to the communities we serve. CBN is an active donor to local non-profit organizations and church groups. CBN's mission is to create opportunities for those that are in need and helping communities flourish. 

Community based, locally staffed. We believe in supporting the community we serve and that is why we never outsource our customer service or technicians.  All of our staff is from Geneva, NY. 


Our low cost pricing promise will last a life time . Your pricing will not change and you will never find hidden fees. Our core value of transparency will always allow you to access your billing in real time.


Premium customer service ensuring that you are connected 99.9% of the time. Rest assured that when you call our customer support line you will be connected to a live operator within 30 seconds of your call. 


Leading technology. Our world is changing everyday and don't be left behind. DSL/Cable has not changed in over 20 years, but CBN is constantly evolving to provide you with next generation technology to provide you with high speeds.

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